Create a Reminder

The Reminder window serves for the user to enter reminders for himself about actions he/she must complete in time. The deadline is signaled about by blinking the Paper-clip icon on the main window toolbar. Every reminder is linked to a contact.

 The Reminder creation window screenshot

For your convenience, you can insert data from any field in the database into the form header. To do that, click on the icon and pick the desired field from the list.

To quickly jump to the Contact's Business Card, click on the Open the Contact Business Card Open the Contact's Business Card button.

The History of reminder transfers between users button History of reminder transfers between users button opens the log of all transfers of reminders from one user to another.

The Arrows button Arrows button opens the dialog allowing for setting the frequency of reminders, in days.


The Open the Tasks Lookup Table  button opens the Task List window where frequently used tasks must be entered.

 The Task List window

Once the task is completed, place the checkmark in the Completed  checkbox.

High importance of the task can be marked by using the corresponding checkbox High Importance checkbox screenshot.

A short description of the task is entered into text area under the checkbox.


By default, the reminder is linked to the user who created it, but if needed, the reminder can be created for a different user. To do that, pick a different user from the User dropdown list.

The user picker screenshot

It is also possible to create a reminder for several Contacts at once. To do that, select several contact records and click on any of the Reminder buttons. If it is necessary to add records from a different branch in the tree, do not close the Reminder window, visit the needed tree branches, select needed records there and click on any Reminder buttons again.

Creating the reminder for several Contacts at once screenshot

IMPORTANT! Newly-created reminders are automatically recorded in the Contact's History tab.