Managing Tabs Inside the Contact's Business Card

Having created a new tab with all the fields we wanted, let's have a look at the Tabs Toolbar.

The Documents Tab screenshot

 Add Row button screenshot Add Row button creates a new row inside the tab.

Delete Row button screenshot Delete Row button removes the currently selected row (with the cursor inside) in the tab.

Clear the Cell button screenshot Clear Cell button empties the contents of the currently selected cell. Applies to cells of the file type.

Use Row as a Template button screenshot Use Row as a Template button allows for automatic filling of newly-created rows with the contents of the currently selected row. This helps to speed up the process of manually entering repeating values into the table inside the current tab.

Using a Row as the Template

Create a row and fill in the cells whose content you want to carry on to newly-created rows, make sure the cursor is still in this row, then click on the Use Row as a Template The Row Template button screenshot button.

After you have confirmed your action in the following pop-up window:

Row template creation confirmation dialog screenshot

all rows you subsequently create in the current Tab will be created, filled at their creation, with the content of the template row you have selected.

To clear the template, and have your newly-created rows in the current tab to be created empty, clear the contents of one row and use it as the template as described above.


Calculated Fields button screenshot The Calculated Fields button opens the window of the same name.

Calculated cells allow for displaying a result of automatic calculations involving a formula and data from other cells in the current row and displaying the result, just like in spreadsheet software.

Calculated Fields setup window screenshot

In the Fields tab of the Calculated Fields window above we checkmark the cell which will hold the automatically calculated result, then by either double-clicking on the row, or clicking on the green arrow, or by clicking on Operations tab, we go on to define the formula.

The Calculated Fiedlds Operations Tab screenshot

On the Operations tab toolbar:

Add Row button screenshot Add Row button adds a new row

Delete Row button screenshot Delete Row button deletes the currently selected row (with the cursor inside) in the tab.

Clicking in the Column field opens a dropdown list with the list of fields you can take the data of your formula.

Screenshot: Choosing the column as the operand from the dropdown list

In the Operation field, select the arithmetic operation to be appended to your formula.

Screenshot: Choosing the arithmetic operation from the dropdown list

Now again, choose the next field to be appended to your formula from the respective field Column dropdown list. You have got the simplest formula with two operands and the operator between them. To append more and more operators and operands to your formula, repeat the two steps above until you get the desired formula.

If you want percentage to be calculated as part of your formula, enter the percentage into the % column Percentage field screenshot

To save, click on the Save the Formula button Кнопка - Сохранить формулу

Auto-calculated fields have gray background.

To delete a formula, just clear the respective checkbox in the Fields tab.


If you are not permitted to alter the data in the Tabs at a given time, you can copy the data into clipboard by clicking on Copy button.


Clicking on the Edit Current Row Screenshot: Edit Current Row button button opens the currently selected row in separate window for editing.

Documents Tab - Editing the current record in a new window screenshot

This gives the additional convenience of providing at a glance view of the whole row you are currently editing.

To have this window open automatically when you are adding a new row, checkmark the Show when adding a new row checkbox.