Mass E-Mail Server Settings

This menu opens the window of the same name.

Mass E-Mail Server Settings

The Mass E-Mail Server Settings window serves for setting technical preferences required for running mass E-Mail campaigns.

Settings descriptions:

Sender's Name - your personal name, or the name you want recipients to see next to the return address

E-Mail Address - the return address

Connection Timeout - the maximum amount of time, A-Number will wait for the outgoing mail (SMTP) server to accept your message for delivery. Specified in seconds. Default value is recommended, however your system administrator may want to adjust it.

Mail Task Queue Processing Frequency - the time period the e-mail queue is checked for messages waiting for delivery. Specified in minutes.

DNS Server IP Address - the IP address of your DNS server (consult your system administrator).

SMTP Server IP Address - the IP address of your outgoing mail server (consult your system administrator).

Port - TCP port number on which your outgoing (SMTP) mail server listens for incoming connections (consult your system administrator).

Changes are saved by clicking on Save button. If you don't want changes to be saved, e.g. because you have deleted something by mistake, click on Cancel button.