Restoring the Database from Backup

Restore Database menu item opens the window of the same name, enabling you to restore the A-Number CRM database from backup copy.

 Restore Database window screenshot

In the opened Restore Database window:

In the Enter the new database name input field, enter the name the database will have after the restoration. The name can only consist of Latin alphabetic letters and the underscore character. No other characters are allowed. Maximum length of the database name is 100 characters. Should the name consist of multiple words, they can only be separated by the underscore "_" character, not by space or any other non-alphabetic or punctuation character.

In the Backup file name input field, enter the path and the filename of the file containing the backup or click on the Browse Browse button button to navigate to the file via standard Windows™ file opening dialog.

By default, the backup file is automatically named as AnumberCRM.bak.

To start the restoration process, click on Restore button.