Running a Report

Run a Report

Run a Report menu screenshot

This menu provides access and to all reports available to the current user represented as submenu items with report names. Choosing one report name in the submenu will generate (run) the corresponding report.

To run the report, select it by left-clicking on it in the drop-down menu.

If, at the report creation, Use as a query parameter option had been used, an extra window will pop up, where you will be able to change conditions as shown below:

Parameters window screenshot

After the report has been generated, it is shown in the Result window, where you can reorder the columns by dragging and dropping them with the mouse. The last rearrangement will be saved, and next time this report will be presented with the columns in the order you've defined the last time you changed it.

Report result window screenshot

You may also define here which columns will be exported to Excel™ spreadsheet. Do do that, click on Arrows mini-button, which will open a window where you can place checkmarks next to columns you want to be present in the exported report, then click on Save button. You can revert these settings to default state at any time.

Columns for Export selection window


You can also have the exported report to be inserted into an arbitrary region inside a custom-designed template spreadsheet. Both Excel™ and Calc format are supported.

To do that, in the Template input field, enter the path and the filename of the file containing your custom-designed template or click on the Browse Browse for File button button to navigate to the file via standard Windows™ file opening dialog, then click on Load button. In the Starting Cell input field specify the address of the spreadsheet cell where the top left corner of your report will go, then click on Save button.