This group of sub menus serves for managing tabs (bookmarks) located in the Contact's Business Card.

There are two tabs which cannot be removed from the Business Card: Contact History and E-Mail.

The E-Mail tab shows only if you have enabled your local e-mail client messages import.

Adding a Tab

The Add Tab menu item opens the New Tab window.

New Tab window screenshot

Enter the name of the new tab in the Name text input field, then from the Image dropdown list, choose the icon to be associated with the new tab.

Click on the Add Item  button to add a new entry in the tabular list.

Enter the field name and its data type.

If you have chosen the Lookup table as the data type, a list of all the available lookup tables will be opened in a separate window. Choose one lookup table from that list.

To delete items, use the Delete  button.

Once you have specified all the fields you want to be created, save the new tab by clicking on Save button.
Editing a Tab

This menu item opens the Tabs window, containing the list of all the tabs available to the current user.

Tabs window screenshot

Double-clicking with left mouse button on one of the items in the list or clicking on the Edit button opens the Tabs Editor window, which contains buttons serving to launch actions of editing the tabs.

Tabs Editor window screenshot - Delete Fields, Restore Fields, Create Fields, Rename Tab, Rename Fields, Image, Exit

Clicking on Delete Fields button opens a window with the list of fields contained in the selected tab. To remove fields from the tab, checkmark those you want to remove and click on Delete button.

Delete Fields window screenshot

Clicking on Restore Fields button opens a window with the list of fields which were previously removed from the selected tab.

To restore fields, checkmark them in the list and click on Restore button.

Restore Fields window screenshot

The Add Fields button allows for adding new fields to the tab in a way similar to adding tabs: entering names, choosing the field types and clicking on Save button to store the changes you have made.

Add Fields window screenshot

The Tab Name button opens the window of the same name. Enter the new name and click on Save button. Next time the Contact's Business Card is open, the tab will bear the name you have given it here.

Tab Name window screenshot

The Field Names button opens the list of field names in a new window. To change a name, select it in the list, enter the new name and click on Save button.

When you open the Contact's Business Card, you will see that the fields in the tab have new names.

Renaming Fields window screenshot

The Image button opens a window containing a dropdown list of images. Choose the icon for your tab from the dropdown list and click on Save button. Now the tab in the Contact's Business Card will appear with this image on.

Tab Icon selection window screenshot


Deleting Tabs

Delete Tabs window screenshot

This menu item serves for deleting one or more tabs. Checkmark the tabs you want to be deleted, then click on Delete button. Please note that the deleted tabs are not removed from the database, but just become hidden and marked for removal until the next database cleanup. That is, if fields and their data are deleted by mistake, they can be restored.