The Main Table View Options

The Main Table View Options menu item opens the Table Fields Display window containing the list of all database fields you are permitted access to.

Table Fields Display window

Because fields of the main table correspond to fields placed onto the Contact's Business Card, and if you don't want them all to be displayed in the main table, you can toggle their visibility via checkboxes in this window.

To prevent a field from showing in the main table, just uncheck the checkbox next to the field name.


Clicking on the Table Refresh Setup button:

The Table Update Setup button

opens the form of the same name, where you can set the conditions and period in seconds when the main table will be force-refreshed.

Table Refresh Setup window

To optimize the load on the server, the by default the automatic sorting is limited whenever a branch has more than 300 records linked to it, of which a warning message will be issued in such case. But if your server can handle the load, you may either raise the limit or remove it completely.

To remove the limit, uncheck the Limit the Number of Records checkbox or enter your preferred maximum number of records.