A-Number Sherlock Holmes

The program is used for identifying if two different texts (e.g. forum comments, e-mail messages, office memos, etc.) are written by the same person, after comparing them. The result is presented as the probability percentage of that event on a 100 point scale.

For now, this program works only with texts written in English language.

Despite the seeming simplicity, A-Number Sherlock Holmes is the only currently available software, which is able to determine if two compared texts are written by the same person or not. In its work, the program uses special algorithms and gives very accurate results of the analysis.

When the program is launched, we can see two windows, upper and lower window.

Procedure of Comparison:

Copy the first text (Ctrl + C) and paste it (Ctrl + V) into the upper window.
Copy the second text (Ctrl + C) and paste it (Ctrl + V) into the lower window.

Click the Analyze    button.

The result will performed as the probability percentage of this event on a 100 point scale.

* Please make sure that the copied text does not contain any auxiliary headers (added by computer, not humans) nor other people's words, e.g. quotations from other people's messages.


There are a few buttons on the toolbar:

Clear Field Clear Field this button deletes text from the window.
Copy to clipboard Copy to clipboard this button copy the text from the window to clipboard
Paste from Clipboard Paste from Clipboard this button inserts text from clipboard to the window
Undo Undo this button cancel the last action
Save sample as... Save sample as... this button give you opportunity to save the text from a window as a sample.



Save the text for further using, save it as a sample.

Save sample as... Save sample as button, opens the Save sample as window, where you can enter any name.

The sample will be saved. In the future, you can use it for other comparisons.


How to use the previous stored samples?


The Samples Samples button opens the Samples window containing the list of samples available to user.


Click the string with the name of a sample that you want to use, click the arrow on the toolbar «Top or Bottom», it is depending from your choice, and the sample is inserted into the upper or lower window.

Plus Plus this button opens the Create sample window.

In the editable field - Sample name, enter the name of the sample, and in the bottom of the window type or copy the text.

To save the Sample, click Save button.

Edit Edit this button, opens the Sample Editing window.

To save changes, click Save button.

To remove the Sample, select the row with the name of the sample you want to delete and click on Delete Delete , after confirmation, the sample will be removed.



Settings Settings this button, opens the Settings window.

There you can see or edit the log of comparisons, assign or change the color of text in the upper and lower windows.


History Log this button, opens the History window.

This window is a list of comparisons with date, time and result. If you want to delete one row from the list, click with the right mouse button to the row with sample, and push Delete.


Clear History Clear Log this button removes all the entire log of comparisons which was made earlier.


To disable history saving, discard the checkmark - History comparisons .


If you want to assign the color of the text, click In the upper window In the upper window , or button In the lower window In the lower window. After opening the window Color, adjust the color and click OK.

To return to standard text color, discard the checkmark from - Font color .



You also may to choose the skins.

Choose the name of the skin from the dropdown list Dropdown list which you like more, and then click on the Save Save button after this changes the program updated.


Exit this button closes the program.


A-Number Sherlock Holmes v.2

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