Current Reminders

The Current Reminders window contains a table listing the contacts having any reminders.

 The Reminders History window screenshot

Depending on the radio button switch state: To Be Done, Scheduled Within, Completed or All, the contacts list is filtered according to current states of the tasks and reminders related to the listed contacts.

The Scheduled Within radio button filters the list to include only those reminders whose deadline has not come yet. The Days numeric entry field allows for specifying within how many days ahead of today should the scheduled reminders be listed. Allowed values are from 1 through 365 days.

Clicking on the Change button does the same as double-clicking on a row in the table, it opens the window with the corresponding reminder allowing for editing the Reminder's properties.

To view other users' reminders, use the User dropdown list, access to this list can be enabled on a group by group basis.

Help on enabling this option