Loading Saved Database Structure

This Load Saved Structure menu item opens the window of the same name.

This function serves for re-creating the structure (previously saved via Save Structure menu) in a newly-created database.

The meaning of the database structure: it is a snapshot of the database, including all the data structures created by the users (Contact Business Card layouts, field names, bookmarks, filters, reports), but not containing the contact data themselves.

Load Saved Structure window screenshot

In the Restore structure from input field, enter the path and the filename of the .XLS file containing the saved structure or click on the Browse Browse button button to navigate to the file via standard Windows™ file opening dialog.

In the Database name input field, enter the name of the database which the restored structure will be loaded into.

The name can only consist of Latin alphabetic letters and the underscore character. No other characters are allowed. Maximum length of the database name is 100 characters. Should the name consist of multiple words, they can only be separated by the underscore "_" character, not by space or any other non-alphabetic or punctuation character.

Clicking on Apply button starts the process of creating the new database and restoring the selected structure in.