Saving the Database Structure

The Save Structure menu item opens the window of the same name.

The meaning of the database structure: it is a snapshot of the database, including all the data structures created by the users (Contact Business Card layouts, field names, bookmarks, filters, reports), but not containing the contact data themselves.

Saved structures can be re-created (loaded) in a new database later.

We hope that A-Number CRM users will exchange their structure snapshots, which will save them a lot of time. We, in turn, are going to validate the structures and enhance them with such additions as complex reports and filters.

Save the Database Structure window screenshot

In the Save Structure window, the only entry field to fill is the Save structure to. Enter the path and the filename to save the structure to. The file must have .XLS extension.

By default, the structure file name is the same as the current database name.

Clicking on Save button starts the process of saving the structure.