Look-Up Tables

When a new field of the type Lookup Table is created, a new empty container is made for you to fill with your data.

In order to get access to the lookup table, you must place the field of the type Lookup Table onto the Contact's Businesscard or onto any tab.

Window with an example Lookup Table

Quick search of the values in the table is performed automatically as you type while the cursor is inside the lookup table window.

The Add New Entry on the Current Level Add New Entry on the Current Level button button serves for adding new entries to the lookup table.

The Add Entry One Level Below button serves for adding child objects to entries.

The Edit  button serves for renaming entries in the lookup table.

The Delete button serves for removing selected objects from the lookup table.

The Move Entry One Level Up button serves for pushing the child object onto its parent level.

The Refresh Refresh button serves for refreshing the lookup table entries.


The Import Lookup Table from Excel Import Lookup Table from Excel button button opens the respective Import Lookup Table window:

Import Lookup Table window

Specify the Excel spreadsheet file location by either clicking on the Browse button, then using the standard Windows file opening dialog, or by typing or pasting the full path and the filename into the Lookup Table input field.